Submission Guidelines:
• Please submit your work to the ILS email at
• All submissions must be emailed no later than the 1st of
October for January publication and the 1st of March for
December publication.
• Submit a maximum of six poems or 2 short stories, all in the
same document, along with a brief introduction to the poems
and a short biography.
• Include your name, email, and, where possible, your phone
• All submitted poems or short stories must be unpublished.
• Authors retain the right to their work, but are requested to
acknowledge ILS as the source of its publication.
• If for any reason there is a need to withdraw the poem(s) or
short stories, it must be communicated via email two weeks
before the publication date.
• The Islamic Literary Society will not accept poems or short
writings that go against the values of Islamic teachings based
upon the Sunni tradition.
• Any poetry or short story that contradicts the teachings of Islam
in any form will be rejected.
• The publication is limited to works within the Sunni Islamic
traditions, and any submission that goes against traditional
Islam in any form will be rejected.
• While encouraging creative expression within the boundaries of
Islam and its principles, the journal will not publish any poetry
or short stories that are directly offensive to any religious group,
political party, or individual

Submissions are open now for January publication.
All submissions must be submitted by 1st of October 2023