About Us

The Islamic Literary Society was founded in 2019 with the aim of promoting, fostering and developing a heightened appreciation of authors and literary works of classical and contemporary scholarship. This is accomplished by way of readings, book launches, talks by published authors and other speakers, critical reviews, events, online discussion and membership meetings. The aim is to encourage the revival of Islamic readership in our day to day lives and to increase literary awareness among ILS members and the general public.

What we do

The Islamic Literary Society nurtures an interest and zeal in the reading of Islamic Literature.  Through the promotion of classical and modern books, interviews with authors, exploration of book reviews and audio and video material, through to providing a platform for writers to showcase their talent, a hub for book lovers to share their book interests and through showcasing the best in Islamic literature, the Islamic Literary Society works for the advancement of literature.  Through the contributions of its members and its involvement in important activities, the Islamic Literary Society is a vision of prosperity in encouraging the promotion of readership, the expression of readers’ opinions through an intellectual forum and the development of new readers’ interest in Islamic literature.

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