The Iqbal Centre seeks to promote and support the research and teaching of Critical Muslim Studies and related fields across the University of Leeds. It does so through its dynamic programme of teaching and research activity; supporting and enriching undergraduate and postgraduate study; and bringing Critical Muslim Studies to the wider public via a number of media, including conferences, seminar series, workshops and dynamic online resources.

The Ibn Rushd Centre of Excellence for Islamic Research is a specialised multi-disciplinary centre of excellence, established to deliver world-class, cutting-edge research in the various disciplines of Islamic Studies. Its current and future aims are to achieve an international profile among scholars and students of Islam, and to deliver a multi-disciplinary teaching and research program of Islamic Studies at national and international levels. The Centre aims to bring together established expertise in research and play an important role in public debates on contemporary Islamic issues; nationally and internationally. It offers professional development programs for the community

Yaseen Youth is a non-profit organisation that was established in 2016 in the holy city of Madinah. The organisation was formed by a team of youth workers, students of knowledge and professionals who, after many years of working with the Muslim youth of the UK, saw an ever-pressing need for their development, empowerment and education, with the vision of seeing them shape the future and play a critical role in rectifying the issues facing society. After forming a small team, and with the help of Talbya Travels in London, we soon founded our first project; Yaseen Youth Tours, launching an annual ‘Youth Umrah’, which takes the youth on a spiritual journey of pilgrimage to Makkah and a visit to Madinah, all the while including a holistic youth development programme (consisting of fun activities, adventure, workshops and retreats). The journey serves as a catalyst to their education and empowerment, as well as forming unity and community spirit, mentor and mentee relationships, and building bonds that will hopefully last for decades to come, insha’Allah!

The Islamic Society (ISoc) is here to build a community around students who identify as Muslim regardless of their background or school of thought.Its primary aim is to create an atmosphere around campus where Muslim students can thrive and feel at home. This is done through fun and exciting socials, sports activities, monthly talks, charity events and community engagement. it also prominent in interfaith activities around the University. its is a strong, united and harmonious community of Muslims students on campus.

Baitul Hikmah Institute