If you are interested in becoming a member of the Islamic literary Society then please get in touch with us via info@islamicliterarysociety.com
You may sign up for an ILS membership any time of the year. The membership is for one year. After one year, the members have the right to either continue with their membership or cancel it.
ILS members come from all walks of life and include Scholars, writers, academics, and the general public. We encourage members to get involved in reviving the Islamic literary heritage by attending ILS events [onsite-online] and contributing towards its activities such as writing book reviews, and articles and sharing possible ideas for ILS development.
New faces are always welcome to the ILS family, and ILS is particularly keen to expand its student membership; especially those from universities and Madrasas. As a member, you will be entitled to 20% off with the kitaabun online bookstore. 50% off book restoration with Principle Books and Bindery for up to 5 books and an invitation to meet with authors when possible. and most importantly, your membership will help fund ILS activities.

Membership for only £100 (annually).