Dr Safaruk Chowdhury | Chairman

Dr Safaruk Chowdhury studied Philosophy at Kings College London completing it with the accompanying Associate of Kings College (AKC) award. He then travelled to Cairo studying the traditional Islamic Studies curricula at al-Azhar University. He returned to the UK to complete His MA at the School of Oriental and African studies with distinction. His doctoral dissertation was on the eminent Sufi hagiographer and theoretician Abu ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Sulami (d. 412/1021) published as A Sufi Apologist of Nishapur: The Life and Thought of Abu ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Sulami (Sheffield: Equinox Publishing, 2019). Saf’s research interests in addition to Sufism at the moment are in paraconsistent logic, metaphysics, ethics and epistemology with keen interest in how these subjects were all utilised for clarifying and explicating Islamic theological doctrine – especially within kalam theology. His forthcoming book is entitled Islamic Theology and the Problem of Evil (New York and Cairo: AUC Press) which is the first work in Islamic studies to treat the topic within the analytic theology approach.

Alaa Dean Al-Zalam| Public Relations Manager

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Adnan Mahmud | Editor-in-chief

Adnan grew up in Bangladesh and completed both his undergraduate and master’s degrees at the University of Cambridge. His keen interest lies in the Indo-Persian-Islamic aesthetic. Deep admiration for Hindustani poetry drives him to passionately delve into the works of esteemed poets such as Allama Iqbal, Rabindranath Tagore, and Farrukh Ahmed. Moreover, he translates sub-continental languages, primarily Bengali and Urdu, as a dedicated hobbyist.

Usthad Junaid Dar | Media Presenter

Usthad Junaid Dar was born in England in 1983 and resides in London. In 2007. He obtained a Masters in Civil Engineering from University College London (UCL) and went on to achieve his BA in Islamic Law from the University of Al-Azhar in Cairo. For many years ustadh Junaid Dar has appeared on numerous TV stations including Huda TV, Islam Channel, and weekly sessions on IQRA International TV. He currently reading MA in Islamic law at SOAS university.

Imran Kamaly | Publication Manager

Imran Kamaly earned a BA in Arabic from the School of Oriental and African Studies, and an MA in Applied Linguistics from Birkbeck. He has an interest in reading particularly about Islam and Muslim affairs.

Founder & Project Manager

Abdul Hai is a book lover, bookbinder, book restorer, and leisure writer. His other interests include book collecting, woodwork, gardening, and fishing. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Science from Birkbeck, University of London. He also holds a certificate of higher education from the same university. Currently he is a postgraduate student at University of Wolverhampton. He is very passionate about sharing his reading experiences, especially on topics related to Islam.